Molyjam 2012

This past weekend, I participated in Molyjam where I make a game based (loosely) on the tweet, "You play a hole, you must move around an environment making certain elements fall into correct targets at the right time." It sort of evolved from that into a two person game.

One person plays Man. Man's goal is to collect lamps to get point. Only man can collect lamps. The other person plays the Djinn. The Djinn's goal is to make Man fall. When man falls, the player's switch roles (but not keyboard positions!). Both players can collect power ups. Power ups let the man double jump and let the Djinn make more holes.

Darin Walsh made the graphical art, Kyle Johnston made the music and I, Tanner Rogalsky, coded it.


Linux users should download the source and the appropriate Love2D binary for their distro. Compiling Love2D from source is also really easy on Linux but I feel like you're sort of making your life harder than it needs to be.

Let me know if there are any problems with the downloads or, you know, if anything is really cool.