TGGJ13 - Electric Boobaloo

I'm a serial game jammer. I love it: the community, the productivity, the whole shebang. I do them as often as I can. But this year's Toronto Global Game Jam took it up a notch. Troy Morrissey and Randy Orenstein did an amazing job organizing and running the event. The atmosphere of the entire weekend was sublime.

I also worked with an amazing team this year: Noreen Rana did visuals and Maggie McLean did audio. They're both fantastic.

One thing we did this jam that I haven't really done (at least not explicitly) was really leveraged the fact that we're surrounded by brilliant and creative people for a weekend. Almost all of the sound effects that you'll hear in the game were recorded from jam participants during the weekend. It was a great way to meet fellow jammers and have a lot of fun in the process. I'll definitely try to find a way to integrate more of my peers into my games in future jams.

Without further ado:

Linux users should download the source and the appropriate Love2D binary for their distro. It requires version 0.8.0. Compiling Love2D from source is also really easy on Linux but I feel like you're sort of making your life harder than it needs to be.